Ontario Public Library Week

Join us October 14th to 20th as we celebrate Ontario Public Library Week!

NGPL has lots of programs and events for all ages.  See our Calendar for more clubs and activities on all year long.

Mon, Oct 15    4pm Collection Show & Share!
Mon, Oct 15    7pm Writer’s Workshop
Tues, Oct 16   6:30pm Bedtime Story Hour
Tues, Oct 16    7pm Knit ‘N Natter
Wed, Oct 17    1pm Afternoon Knitters
Wed, Oct 17    7pm NGPL Book Club
Thurs, Oct 18   1:30pm Youngsters of Yore
Thurs, Oct 18   6:00pm Board Game Night
Fri, Oct 19       10am Friday Fun Day
Sat, Oct 20      10am Lego Build Morning

In addition to our great activities enjoy amnesty week from fines!  Come into NGPL between October 14th and 20th and have fines forgiven up to a maximum of $10.

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