Time for a Little Self Care – Exercise

So, after hair, spa and healthy sleep habits we’ve finally gotten to it…exercise.    There’s no denying the importance of getting some exercise into our daily routines. 

As Participation Canada says, everything gets better when you get active! You may have seen their TV ad, but Participation Canada also has a fun presentation which outlines what getting active does for you!

There are no end to the fitness apps, YouTube videos and at home fitness routines you can google!  Take a look and see what motivates you.  The nice thing is, you can choose something different every day and never be bored by a routine.

If you are looking for something a little more personal, many local fitness studios and yoga instructors have moved to an online format. See the list of local businesses and what they are offering at LoveNG.ca .  Zoom your way to Zomba or Zoom your way to Zen! You can get a little of the community experience of group exercise while supporting local business and may even see some familiar faces.  Don’t worry if you’re a little shy, you can always turn off your camera!



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