Programming for Everyone

Throughout our closure, we have been working to bring programming to you using our website and Facebook page. Our staff’s truly creative side has come out as we have produced weekly video features, with something for everyone:

  • Storytime with Library Sue (Monday mornings)
  • Storytime with Mme. Kathy (in French, Friday mornings)
  • Creature Feature with Reptile Rainforest, featuring NGPL’s Darren Boyd (Thursday afternoons)
  • Books and Bites, featuring NGPL staff making their favourite snacks, plus books that go along with the theme (Wednesday afternoons)
  • Craft Online with Library Sue; kids can post their creations to our Facebook page
  • Local Authors Readings, audio files from Our Writers Group (Thursday evenings)
  • Watch for NGPL Book Club, Theme: What have you been reading? (Live via Zoom, June 9, 2020 at 2 pm – watch our calendar for details)

We built a new section on our website called Fun for Everyone where you can find links to our videos, along with the free online learning resources we’ve discovered. You can learn a new language or a new dance, tune up your bike, start birdwatching, take a virtual field trip, access free books from top publishers… so much to do!


This summer will look a little different for our children’s programming. Library Sue will be offering Storytime in the Park as always (with physical distancing), and she will also be taking some programming online. Sue plans to host online activities like a scavenger hunt, a game of “I Spy”, a STEAM challenge, and more.

When the NGPL opens its door, whether this summer or beyond, there will be measures in place to keep everyone safe, including limiting the number of people in the library, asking patrons to be efficient in getting what they need during their visit, designated traffic flows, quarantine for returned materials, following sanitation protocols and having sanitation products on hand. Limited on-site programming for small groups may be offered and would require registration; more to follow.

We look forward to expanding our programming in a safe and intentional way.

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