Trivia Challenge -Final Round!

This summer we’ll post some questions about some of our iconic Canadians past and present.   Have fun and see how many you can guess!

Answers will be posted on Labour Day.

Here’s your next set of questions…

  1. His Father maintained, long after his death, that his son’s cancer was triggered by a knee injury sustained in a 1976 car accident.
  2. Born in Kingston, ON in 1961, he counts “Cuts like a knife” and “Summer of ‘69 as some of his greatest hits. He now spends most of his time in the UK. pursuing a hobby in photography.
  3. A trip to Prince Edward Island is not complete without a visit to this home belonging to the heroine of her beloved book series.
  4. She was born in 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland , a slave. After she escaped to Canada, she returned 19 times to help other slaves to freedom.
  5. One of Canadian Lit’s most colourful voices, she has won 2 Governor Generals awards, and more recently seen one of her works rise to great acclaim on the small screen.
  6. A true Canadian hero of the skies, he shot down 72 enemy planes and survived an encounter with Germany’s most feared pilot ,The Red Baron during WWII.
  7. She rose to the top of the charts in 1995 with her angst laden debut album. She was slated to play Blues-fest this summer. Her father is a retired French teacher from South Branch Elementary School.
  8. She was delighted to be chosen when the National Research Council advertised for astronauts in 1983. She finally flew into space in 1992 on the space shuttle Discovery.
  9. Fred Rogers was best man at his 1961 wedding. Although he died in 2001, he can often be seen on CBC morning with some of his friends including Casey and Finnegan.
  10. Arguably on of Canada’s most influential Prime Ministers, his son Michel predeceased him in 1999.
  11. While American officers dined at her table after barging their way into her house, she fled on foot to warn British Soldiers of their planned attack.
  12. Born in Alliston , Ontario, this doctor used dogs to test his formula which he hoped would eventually control blood sugar levels.

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