StoryWalk -Kinderwood Trail

Beginning July 5th you can enjoy the story “The thing Lou couldn’t do” by Ashley Spires on the KinderWood Trail.  

Use the discussion questions and activities found below after you have done the story walk!  Thank you for participating in the TD summer reading program StoryWalk!
  1.  Lou is going to be a deep sea diver, a race car driver, or  pirate when she grows up.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
  2.  Make a pirate name for yourself.
  3.  Besides a tree, what else would make a good pirate ship?

  4.  If you had to do one thing today that scared you, what would it be?

  5.  What is your idea of a wonderful adventure?

  6.  Make yourself an eyepatch and pirate hat!

  7. Give the cat in the story a name!


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