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From left to right: Herb Cloutier, Arthur McGregor, Keeley Brown, and Caitlin Thorne.

3rd Annual Babin Inspirational Musicians Event

Saturday, April 20, 2023 2:00 to 4:00 Pm

Join the Friends of NGPL for an afternoon of thoughts, discussions, music, casual conversations and English tea refreshments.

Our Musicians Panel: Keeley Brown, Herb Cloutier, Arthur McGregor, Caitlin Thorne

At the North Grenville Public Library, Norenberg Building. Register by email:

Meet your Musicians

Herb Cloutier: Born in Kemptville as part of a large musical family, I learned the love of music naturally. Performing in various bands throughout the years, I observed the need to support all local live musicians in our community. As such; J.A.M Productions was born to create and support “Live Events” which promote artists in our community.

Arthur McGregor: Arthur McGregor has been active in the production, promotion, performance, teaching and writing of folk music since forever! He ran the Ottawa Folklore Centre for 35 years, a centre of folk music instrument sales, instruction and performance. Arthur is a founder of the Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMA), artistic director of Gil’s Hootenanny, a past board member of Folk Music Ontario (FMO), and the Ottawa Folk Festival. Arthur has received the Unsung Hero Award (CFMA) and the Estelle Klein Award (FMO). He currently is Canadian vice-president of Local 1000, the North American folk musicians union. He plays professionally regularly.

Keeley Brown: Hello my name is Keeley Brown! I’m a 15 year old singer/songwriter/musician who has been preforming all her life through music, acting and cheerleading! I taught myself guitar during covid and have been playing ever since! I look forward to sharing my passion with those around me! 

Caitlin Thorne: Caitlin Thorne has spent many years working with children and music. A certified teacher and early music educator, Caitlin’s most recent role at the North Grenville Public Library has allowed her to bring the joy of music to young patrons through her popular programming. When not performing songs for children, she enjoys frequenting open mics and the Kemptville Folk Club. 

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