Children’s Activities

Library Lexique Songs and Rhymes: click here for some fun in French!

Check out some fun stories read to you by Library Sue and Madame Kathy!

April 3rd – Madame Kathy – French Friday Storytime: “Aïe! Ma Trompe!”
April 6th – Library Sue – “What Colour is Your Underwear?”
April 10th – Madame Kathy – French Friday Storytime: “Plus Noir que la Nuit”
April 13th – Library Sue –“Lucky Ducklings”
April 17th – Madame Kathy- French Friday Storytime: “Une Patate À Vélo”
April 20th- Library Sue-“Big Bear Hug”
April 24th – Madame Kathy- French Friday Storytime: “Le Dodo”
April 27th- Library Sue- “Open Very Carefully”
May 1st – Madame Kathy- French Friday Storytime: “Kévin la licorne : Ce n’est pas rose tous les jours”
May 4th – Library Sue – “The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark”
May 8th – Madame Kathy- French Friday Storytime: “Ça suffit, bonne nuit!”
May 11th – Library Sue – “The Crocodile who didn’t like water”
May 15th – Madame Kathy – French Friday Storytime:  “J’ai tout un livre pour toi!”
May 18th – Library Sue – “The Very Ugly Bug”
May 22nd – Madame Kathy – French Friday Storytime: “Elliot Superhéros”
May 25th –  Library Sue – “Thelma the Unicorn”
May 29th – Madame Kathy – French Friday Storytime: “Où est Bouh? & Je Suis Terrible” 
June 1st – Library Sue – “Little Blue Truck”
June 5th – Madame Kathy – French Friday Storytime: Marilou Casse-Cou 
June 8th – Library Sue – “And Tango make Three”
June 12th – Madame Kathy – French Friday Storytime: Carlos le Touriste
June 15th – Library Sue – The Tiger who came to Tea
June 22nd- Library Sue – The Return of Thelma the Unicorn
June 29th – Library Sue – Mortimer

Online Craft Time with Library Sue!

April 15th – Paper Duck craft 
April 22nd- Earth Day Sun Catchers
April 29th – Plant a rainbow  
May 6th – Mother’s Day Paper Bouquet
May 13th – CD Sun Catchers
May 20th – Birds Nest Sensory Bin
May 27th – Maker Moment
June 2nd – Special Edition craft with Madame Kathy
June 3rd – Bug on a Leaf
June 9th – Special Edition Art with Madame Kathy 
June 10th – COVID-19 Time Capsule
June 17th – Father’s Day Crafts
June 24th – Canada Day Craft

Creature Feature with Darren (Reptile Rainforest)

Creature Feature
April 16th- Gerald the Legless Lizard
April 23rd- Toadosaurus Rex the Giant Toad
April 30th- Turbo the Red-Footed Tortoise
May 7th- Corn Snakes
May 14th – Jessicka the Blue-Tongued Skink
May 21st – Sebastian the Snapping Turtle
May 28th – Queen the Emperor Scorpion
June 4th – Luna the Gray Treefrog & Special Guest, Sedona
June 11th – Reptile Rainforest’s Adventures in North Grenville
June 18th – Reptile Rainforest Save the Turtles!
June 25th – Ball Pythons, Bloopers & updated creatures
July 2nd – Alice the Bearded Dragon

Dav Pilkey Fun & Activities!

davpilkeyTra-la-la! Check out Dav Pilkey and all sorts of fun activities, videos, and activities with the links below.  Learn to draw Captain Underpants and Dog Man. 
Check out Pinterest for additional activities, word searches, crafts, bookmarks.
Don’t forget to “check out” ebooks and eaudiobooks till we reopen again. “Have you read your UNDERPANTS today?”

Rachel Renée Russell Fun & Activities!

dorkdiaries“Let your inner DORK shine through”. Check out fun activities at 
Learn about the author, listen to Dorky tunes, watch videos, write your own diary and so much more including quizzes like Which character are you? Don’t forget to “Check out” ebooks and audiobooks from our catalog.
“Because sometimes a diary can help you vent frustration, face your fears, find your courage, embrace your dreams, and learn to love yourself.”

Go Birdwatching!

Print this fun activity sheet and see if you can spot these common feathered friends!

3 great apps for getting started.

  • iBird Pro Guide to Birds. …
  • Merlin Bird ID. …
  • Audubon Bird Guide: North America.

and three top websites to get started or learn more.

Learn a New Language!

Use the free Duolingo mobile app or website to learn a new language.  It’s the world’s best way to learn a new language and with its challenges, earning treasure chests and more it’s fun for kids!  Duolingo is also perfect for continuing to learn and practice French while school is out.

Download the Duolingo app or log on to their website to get started.

Finger Knitting

Follow this awesome crafty web link for simple and fun knitting for kids.  Finger knitting, no needles required!

Online Dance Tutorials

KIDZ BOP Kids “Can’t Stop the Feeling” dance tutorial

KIDZ BOP Kids “Stay” dance tutorial

CNN & Sesame Street explain Coronavirus for parents & kids

sesame-streetCNN, Dr. Gupta & Sesame Street have partnered up to help parents explain Coronavirus to their children. In the 6 part series you’ll have Dr. Wen answering kids questions, watch Dr. Gupta & Elmo on the importance of handwashing and why people are wearing masks, how to deal with big emotions, keeping active and importantly helping kids cope with loss. Take a look at the 6 part series here!

Des activités en français pour les enfants

zoo_granby_logoDe nombreux zoos et refuges pour animaux sont devenus virtuels.  Le Zoo de Granby a mis en ligne un certain nombre de merveilleuses vidéos éducatives.

Le Musée Canadien de la Nature à des pages à colorier que vous pouvez imprimer. Les pages à colorier des animaux de l’arctiques sont particulièrement adaptées aux enfants plus âgés et aux adultes.

La Lecture
Éditions Scholastic présente de nombreuses pages amusantes pour les enfants – par exemple cette “salle de Jeux.”


Radio Canada a une section étonnante pour les jeunes, avec un contenu varié allant du visionnement d’une vidéo de l’Agent Jean et aux réponses du Premier Ministre Trudeau aux questions des enfants et des jeunes sur Covid 19. 

Vous cherchez dans la maison des objets pour faire de l’artisanat? Ce site partage 60 choses que vous pouvez faire avec des rouleaux de papier toilette. Woohoo !