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North Grenville Will Have a New Musical Instrument Lending Library Later This Year

NORTH GRENVILLE, ON, May 7, 2024 – The North Grenville Public Library is excited to announce a Musical Instrument Lending Library will be opening this August to enhance equitable music education for North Grenville and surrounding area residents. 

What is a Musical Instrument Lending Library?

A Musical Instrument Lending Library (MILL) is exactly the same as a typical library, but instead of lending books, it lends musical instruments. MILLs provides musical instruments on loan to community members to increase the accessibility of music education and build life skills through the love and practice of music. North Grenville’s MILL is possible through the Municipality of North Grenville’s Community Grant Program and through the hard work of dedicated community members. 

“I am beyond excited to see this vision come alive!” said Herb Cloutier, local business owner, musician, and long-time supporter of this project. “With the help of the Municipality of North Grenville, the North Grenville Public Library, and the Kemptville Campus, we have the ingredients I feel, to not only launch a MILL but build a strong foundation for many years.” 

Focusing initially on stringed instruments, such as guitars, the MILL hopes to expand its collection over time so the community can have free access to an extensive range of musical resources. “My musical journey has provided a path for lifelong enjoyment,” Cloutier added. “I have always felt the need to share the feeling that playing an instrument can provide. As our community grows, a Music Lending Library will grow, providing access to a variety of instruments to all ages.”

The North Grenville Public Library welcomes community feedback and assistance with this project; the Library will be accepting volunteer applications and donations of gently used musical instruments later this spring. For more information, visit: 

About the North Grenville Public Library

As a catalyst for learning, discovery and creativity, it is the mission of the North Grenville Public Library to be a vibrant, accessible resource that builds and promotes an inclusive community by bringing together people and ideas.

A friendly space where people can come together and connect with others, the Library is a hub and meeting place for the people of North Grenville, offering resources and quality programming aligned with community interest. 

For more information, contact Emily Farrell, CEO, North Grenville Public Library at 613-258-4711 or

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