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Get a Library Card

ANNOUNCEMENT! We'd be closing on Friday 24th Feb. 2022 due to the snowstorm.

North Grenville residents and property taxpayers within North Grenville may obtain a FREE NGPL Membership Card.  Please be prepared to present identification with a current North Grenville address.

A library membership card is valid for two years from the date of issue and entitles the cardholder to a full range of services and materials available from the North Grenville Public Library.

Patrons are expected to present their cards at the circulation desk when signing out library materials. A maximum of 25 items may be borrowed on a card at any given time. Your 14-digit library card number and your 4-digit PIN give access to materials and services available through our website.  Replacement cards are available for $2.00.


Memberships can be granted to patrons who live outside of North Grenville. These memberships are valid for one year from the date of issue and entitle the cardholder to the full range of services and materials.

  • Individual Fee: $40.00
  • Household Fee: $60.00
Institutional Memberships

This membership is granted to a person who works in North Grenville for an employer who is based in North Grenville but lives outside of the municipality upon filling out an institutional membership form. In addition to your personal identification, please be prepared to present proof of employment in one of the following ways:

  • A piece of employee identification;
  • A phone call or an e-mail to the employer to confirm employment;
  • A recent pay stub; or,
  • A listing on the employer’s website.
Reciprocal Borrowing

The North Grenville Public Library currently enjoys a reciprocal borrowing agreement with Merrickville-Wolford and Edwardsburgh-Cardinal. Residents of these areas can apply for a free North Grenville Public Library card and enjoy the same benefits as North Grenville residents.

  • Residents in the south-west quadrant of Rideau-Goulbourn Ward of the City of Ottawa may be eligible for a free membership under an agreement with the City of Ottawa. Please inquire at the circulation desk.
  • Students attending educational institutions in North Grenville who reside outside the area are also eligible for a free membership. Please bring proof of address and proof of attending a school in North Grenville, such as a student card or report card.