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NGPL is pleased to announce that we have added a few new items for patrons to borrow!

These new items include:
Borrow a ukulele from the library and learn how to play it!

Radon Test Kits
Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. It is invisible, odourless and tasteless. When radon is released from the ground into the outdoor air, it is diluted and is not a concern. However, in enclosed spaces, like homes, it can accumulate to high levels and become a risk to the health of you and your family. You can borrow a Radon Test Kit from the library for 5 weeks with your library card!

Kajeet Wifi Hotspot
You can “borrow the internet” with your library card!

The Kajeet Wifi hotspot is a portable wireless hotspot that you can borrow from the Library. It can provide free internet access using the Bell cellular network to Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

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