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In case you missed our announcement…You may remember that NGPL had put a hold on late fees because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and continued to do so into 2024. On Friday March 15th, 2024, we were happy to announce that we officially eliminated late fees for good!! Other existing fees, including replacement fees for lost or damaged items, will still apply.

We look forward to welcoming new and returning customers to the Library as a result of this change.


The following existing fees will still apply:

  • Replacement fee for lost or damaged items
  • Replacement fee for a lost library card  
  • Non-resident fees  
  • Photocopying and printing fees


Items are considered lost:

  • 120 days after the due date

Once an item is considered lost, a replacement fee equal to the cost of the item will be charged. If the lost item is returned and the replacement fee has not been paid, then the replacement fee will be cancelled. Once you have paid for a lost or damaged item, NGPL does not refund the replacement fee if you find the item later. You own the items upon payment.

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