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Reports & Policies

ANNOUNCEMENT! We'd be closing on Friday 24th Feb. 2022 due to the snowstorm.

Annual Report

As we move forward in 2023, we look back at 2022 through our Annual Report — another great year at the North Grenville Public Library where so much happened.

  • Library usage approached pre-COVID-19 levels in most areas, and patrons came back not just for books, but also for the programs for all ages.
  • Our collection grew, as we continued to make it more inclusive and to ensure that it meets the needs of our community.
  • Our many amazing local and governmental partners helped us make the library a community cornerstone.
  • The Library Board undertook a strategic planning update and reached the home stretch of a multi-year policy overhaul.

Read on for some statistics and highlights of the year.

Annual Report 2022

Strategic Plan

In 2022, the Library Board also undertook an update of its Strategic Plan, staying the course for the next few years, until our next strategic planning cycle gets underway.

Strategic Plan Update 2023-2025


Accessibility Policy plus Appendix

Privacy and Access Information Policy

Intellectual Freedom Policy

Internet and Technology Policy

Children in the Library Policy

Circulation Policy

Collections Policy

General Gift Acceptance Policy

Volunteer Policy

Code of Conduct – Coming soon 

Teens / Young Adults in the Library Policy – Coming soon 

Programs and Partnerships Policy – Coming soon