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Accessible Formats

ANNOUNCEMENT! We'd be closing on Friday 24th Feb. 2022 due to the snowstorm.

The North Grenville Public Library is dedicated to making its resources accessible to people with disabilities, specifically through its services and collections, including: resources of the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA), assistive technology, and accessible collections such as large print books, audiobooks and children’s braille books.

Reading.  Reimagined!  Print alternatives at your Library.

If you or someone you know has trouble reading print because of a disability, NGPL has a partnership with the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) which offers other ways to read.

  • Audio, e-text, Braille and other formats
  • Accessible books, newspapers and magazines
  • Material for all ages and interests
  • Summer Reading Club for Children
  • Accessible online services – read or do research on the web
  • Material in English or French

Access to the CELA collection is available to people who are unable to read conventional print due to a disability, which includes:

  • Learning disability: an impairment relating to comprehension
  • Physical disability: inability to hold or manipulate a book
  • Visual disability: severe or total impairment of sight or the inability to focus or move one’s eyes

For more information on eligibility check out CELA’s what is a disability? page

Note: No documentation is required from your doctor.  You can self-declare your need to access this service and will not be turned away. This service is not limited to persons with visual or learning disabilities.


You can use the collection in a number of ways:

  • Borrow from the circulating collection at the library. A Daisy reader is available for short-term loans.
  • Download books to a Daisy player over a wireless connection without using a computer
  • Receive audio CDs, Braille or described movies through your local branch or by mail directly to your home.

For more information and to register for CELA, please contact Kelvin Lee, Technical Services Coordinator, at 613-258-4711 or
The CELA website can be found at

Large Print Collection

NGPL has a large collection of large print books, unabridged texts with clear type in at least 13-point font. Check out the books available in Large Print through our catalogue.


NGPL has audiobooks on CD for adults & children. Check out the audiobooks available through our catalogue.

Children’s braille books

NGPL has a small collection of braille books for children. Available in both English and French language. Check out the books available in braille through our catalogue.